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    Millennium RTA - The Vaping Gentlemen Club -
    • Millennium RTA - The Vaping Gentlemen Club -

    Millennium RTA


    The Millennium reach its 10th batch!

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    Millennium RTA - The Vaping Gentlemen Club

    The Millennium reach its 10th batch!



    The millennium deck slightly renewed to meet the needs expressed by its users while keeping its essence and functionality intact.

    Two orings on the deck, one above and one below the liquid control slot, allow for a more watertight closure of the liquid and easier use for newbies.

    The second change sees the P.A.S.S. completely redesigned in Steel and machined directly from solid in the atomizer bottom. While maintaining its characteristics, designed to guarantee a linear but always contrasted shot whatever the hole used, it allows you to have one less piece, to no longer be able to move accidentally and to provide an unscratchable point on which to grip in case the caseback you accidentally stick to the box or base.

    The Millennium is an RTA with top refill, Airflow Control, Liquid Control and the possibility to change the bells like in the '900 to adapt it to your vaping experience. Whatever it is.

    Millennium RTA has 3 bells (Winston, Albert and Jet Bell), 6 air holes (0.8 - 1.0 - 1.2 - 1.4 - 1.6 - 1.8) and two holes under interchangeable coils (1x1.8 and 2x1.2).

    Millennium RTA combines its versatility with extreme practicality of use thanks to its bayonet system which guarantees instant access to the Deck and which allows you to change the bell in seconds.

    Millennium RTA allows you to perform the Refill both from above and from below.

    Millennium RTA in its deck hides P.A.S.S.

    P.A.S.S, Pressure Augmentation and Silencing System, is a silencer and flow accelerator, the answer to the need to always have a perfect, silent and contrasted shot despite the wide range of options available on the Millennium. Its shape creates a Venturi effect inside the deck that accelerates and stabilizes the air flow regardless of the selected hole.

    Millennium RTA is contained in an elegant wooden box.


    Product features:

    CAPACITY: 4ml (Variable according to the evaporation chamber in use)

    HEIGHT: 48mm

    DIAMETER: 22mm

    MATERIAL: Acciaio 316

    CONNECTOR: 510

    COIL: Rebuildable


    Package contents:

    1x Millennium RTA assembled with Pyrex Tank, Jet Bell and "21" Drip Tip

    2x Optional Evaporation Chambers

    1x Spare Tank

    1x Spare Parts (Oring, screws, Tools, Airflow 2x1.2)


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