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La Tabaccheria - Capvt Mvndi

CAPVT MUNDI is an aroma that combines several characteristics that I have rarely found within the same aroma.

Capvt Mvndi - La Tabaccheria -

First there is the texture, Capvt Mvndi is in fact a strong mixture, extremely enjoyable and with a complete flavor range. Distinguished by the fusion of several well-orchestrated elements.

The second characteristic is the refinement obtained thanks to the finishing in oak barrel typical of the aromas from "Gran Riserva" line. The soft notes of the wood bind the tobaccos that make up the mixture very well, giving a pleasant "smooth" effect to the vape experience.

Now, we have seen many liquids with a rich body and a refined composition over the years, thanks above all to the various Italian brands that represent real excellences in the field of organic tobaccos for electronic cigarettes. But we have seen very few aromas that respect these characteristics belonging to the category of clean extracts.

In fact, Capvt Mvndi is not only a “Gran Riserva” aroma, but it can also be classified as “White”. This interesting crossover between the two “La Tabaccheria” lines has allowed the achievement of a truly remarkable result: an aroma rich in nuances, with a good aromatic charge and sophisticated. Which at the same time allowed me to reach 40ml before having to rebuild my trusty Millennium RTA.

But coming to the point... What does this Capvt Mvndi taste about? I think it can be categorized as an English Mixture where the tobaccos are very amalgamated with each other. The only one that stands out slightly is Latakia. Comparing this aroma to the classic English Mixture from La Tabaccheria, the Capvt Mvndi is more balanced and pleasant in my opinion. In fact, more space is left for other tobaccos that contribute with a right dose of sweetness and spiciness. The Latakia used seems to be the usual intense Cypriot one from La Tabaccheria, however mitigated by the extraction technology and aging in oak. In fact, the marked notes of leather and incense, while remaining absolutely perceptible, remain enveloped by the woodiness of the “Gran Riserva” finishing. To be picky, this barricaded scent is sometimes too high, dominating the notes of tobaccos. This happens especially in situations of high heat inside the evaporation chamber: due to intensive use or to a slightly hard wattage set-up. But after realizing this, my chronic fussy synapses are immediately sedated and bullied by the memory of the 40ml vaped with the same coil.

During the tests I used 3 atomizers:

- Millennium (Jet Bell)

- Sputnik (Standard bell)

- BY-ka v.6 (Classic / Flat bell)

Basically there is no atomizer that comes out as a winner from this clash, the Capvt Mvndi is in fact a "straight" aroma. It comes out very well on different systems albeit with slight variations on the sweetness or perceived woodiness, but in fact without upsetting its structure. However, I would like to recommend some fairly relaxed set-ups, using wires with a diameter of 28 / 29GA and without exceeding 15 watts to fully enjoy this aroma.

I also tried a few ml on non-rebuildable entry level systems, where, in any case, a satisfying vape is obtained, but clearly below the results obtained with the rebuildable systems.

The manufacturer declares a recommended dilution of 15% to obtain a total of 65ml of finished liquid. Personally I tried to dilute it even at about 13% (obtaining 75ml) and at 10% (obtaining 100ml). I will tell you that for use on regenerable atomizers 13% is more than enough for my tastes, but even at 10% the aroma is absolutely good and will surely meet the taste of those who are not looking for strong flavors.

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  1. Paolo tesco

    Uno dei migliori aromi per il mio palato si equilibria in ogni sfaccettatura del suo mix. All day vape.. Un must have. Complimenti

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