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Vape Systems - Caiman V4

This Caiman v4 is not exactly a new product, since we are talking about an atomizer released between 2016 and 2017.

It had never aroused my interest because of its category, in fact it is an anachronistic dripper with 40mm of height. So I had to wait for it to fall into my hands to try it out and be amazed at how well you could vape with this strange steel barrel, even in 2021!

The first surprise is the dripping range of this Caiman V4, thanks to a depth deck and the huge amount of cotton that they need, can hold at least 2 ml of juice which guarantees a couple of hours of autonomy with a relaxed trend or a half' hour of compulsive vaping. And here falls my first (and perhaps only) prejudice on this atom, which could be defined in all respects as an RTA without a tank or chimney.

The throw is not what one would expect from an old school Vape Systems, probably due to the air pipe with a small extension that facilitates the air flow in the long climb to impact the coil. The result is a more accurate shot than the Caiman BF or the various By-ka v6 / 7/8.

Knowing the Vape Systems products well (and my tastes) so far I have only used the 1.7mm airpipe, the same one I use on all the other products of the Belarusian modder. The result with wide open air ring is close to what you get on the V9: really a smooth and clean throw.

But it is the aromatic features that has left me speechless: this Caiman v4 rocks with a lot variety of juices!

- Roma by VGC & vbar

Mixture of Cypriot Latakia, Kentucky Camuno and Perique St. James.

Here all the tobaccos in the blend explode, in a riot of peat mixed with sweetness and incense. Apart from Perique, which plays a role of "moderator" it is really difficult to say if one of the two smoked protagonists comes out as a winner.

- The One Lemon by Vaporificio

Oriental tobacco (maybe Basma?) With lemon zest and vanilla.

Violence is the word that best suits the aromatic restitution of Caiman v4 with this aroma. A vanilla cream where the sour notes of lemon and the spicy notes of tobacco balance the liquid perfectly. By far the best result achieved to date with this The One.

- Black Cavendish Gran Riserva of La Tabaccheria

A flavor that I have literally been abusing since it came out, and once again my mouth fell after the first puff! Aroma rich in wood, sweetness and elegance, perhaps among all it is the atomizer that best enhanced the notes deriving from aging in oak.

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    Buongiorno, sapete se uscirà il restock del Caiman BF? Grazie Simone

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