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TNT Vape - Virginia Highlands Mixture

In the second picture you can see the situation after 20ml of using, but this is not surprising given that we are talking about one of the many trasparent tobaccos juice on the market.
The real surpirse with this Virginia Highlands Mixture comes at the first vape: none of what one might expect from a hydrosol.
The mixture comes out full-bodied and without aromatic issue, with virginia and orientals tobaccos well perceptible, but above all it does not have the characteristics that generally I don't like with this kind of liquids.
A Virginia characterized with sugar and honey notes dominates the scene, the Orientals complete the flavour range with a light but appropriate spiciness. Another positive note (for my taste) is a clear moderation of the typical herbaceous scents of these tobaccos.
If it had been a common naturally extracted tobacco I would have vote it with a very decent grade 7, but the possibility of vaping a good and full-bodied mixture without regenerating for at least 40ml (probably more) transforms the judgment into a 10!

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