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Mia Sessanta - Configurator

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Pack description

Configurator - Mia Sessanta by APM Mods

Customize your Mia Sessanta by combining the cover you prefer to assemble your own APM Mods side by side.


Pack content

"Mia Sessanta" by APM Mods.

Even more functional thanks to the Dicodes EC23 (Extreme v3 chipset) and even more beautiful thanks to a revised design.

The contacts of the 18650 battery (not included) are made of beryllium copper and are handcrafted. Like every MIA, even the "Sessanta" version can be customized by replacing the cover. The generous button is operated by gripping the box in various positions. Its shape makes it extremely functional and ergonomic and can be used both with the right hand and with the left hand.

*** Body only, cover must be purchased separately. Cannot be used alone, a cover must be installed.

Product features:

Material: Pa12

Self-adjusting 510 connector

Dicodes EC23 (Extreme V3 Chipset)

Contacts: Beryllium Copper

Battery: 18650 (Not Included)

Sizes: 48 X 80 X 22/27 mm

Weight: 49 g

Package Contents:

1x MIA Sessanta (body only)

1x User Manual

Cover for "Mia Sessanta" and "Mia Meccanica" by APM Mods.

A selection of interchangeable sleeves for your MIA! The covers differ by model and color, giving you a wide range of customization.

All the covers incorporate to 34mm atomizer, except for the Andromeda 44 and Olimpia 44 models, which allow you to reach up to 44mm. A feature that makes these models a real must have for lovers of Vape Systems BY-ka atomizers in Standard configuration, for which these cover models were mainly designed.

*** Cover only, body must be purchased separately.